Business Partners
Utility Sciences Corp. is always seeking new business partners to help us provide the best products and services to our valued customers.
Creators of AutoCAD® and Autodesk Map™, the engine that drives USC's USView and USMap products. USC is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) for Autodesk products.
The MultiSpeak initiative aims to facilitate communication among applications including GIS, CIS, SCADA, IVR, and Engineering Analysis. Through this technology, utilities may choose applications from different vendors with the assurance that each will be able to exchange information with another compliant product. AMR, SCADA, and other interfaces will be added in the future. USMap is MultiSpeak 1.1 compliant.
Precision Landbase
Precision LandBASE™ is not a software application, instead it is an intelligent and seamless GPS coordinate controlled aerial and vector GIS data product that has been designed to easily integrate with your existing GIS software application. The vector portion of the product includes all major topographic layers and features such as primary and secondary roads, hydrology, railways, boundaries, etc. The vector layers are spatially intelligent and referenced to the imagery to ensure the integrity of the landbase set. All major GIS platforms are supported.
Sentinel USA
Sentinel USA, Inc. specializes in Automated Mapping/Facilities Management(AM/FM) and Geographic Information Systems(GIS). Their core service is providing turnkey mapping services for the utility industry and providing crucial needs and assessment consultation services to help provide a mapping solution that will work for each client. The company works closely with leading GIS industry providers to make sure their clients receive the maximum benefits of today's technology forum.
USC is a registered developer for Milsoft's Windmil® application. Milsoft is the developer of distribution analysis, voltage drop, sectionalizing and trouble call tools for the electric utility industry.
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